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New Book Announcement!

Before I dive deep into my planned Halloween articles here, I just wanted to do a quick plug for my brand new book (my first ever!). I’ve been writing fiction in some form or another as a hobby since I was six years old, and I started taking it seriously (e.g. submitting my stories to publishers and writing contests) about 15 years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to receive some (minor) accolades and get published on some literary websites, but it’s always been my not-so-secret dream to have a book published in print. After realizing how small the market is for short literary fiction—let alone short literary fiction that doesn’t belong to any specific genre and honestly doesn’t have much in the way of narrative—I finally decided to go the self-publishing route.

It’s called The Feeling a Good Bar Can Give You and Other Stories, and here’s the official description as it reads on the back cover:

In this collection of short stories from New Jersey-based writer John-Paul Cirelli, ten works of deeply personal confessional memoir and character study interspersed with surreal body horror and psychosexual grotesquerie explore recurring themes of loneliness, religion, mental illness, family dissolution, and American identity.

So anyway, it’s available now! You’ll be able to purchase it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble within the next few days if you so insist, but frankly (and maybe this is why I’m not cut out for “professional” publication) you shouldn’t buy it through them, not only because they’re awful companies (especially Amazon, obviously), but also on a more selfish note, they take way more of a percentage of the sale than is reasonable, in my view. And not that publishing this book is at all about making money–trust me, I know how limited the appeal of it is–but if you’re going to purchase it, it’s the same price on those sites as it is on Lulu, and Lulu doesn’t keep literally 50% of the sale for themselves. So I’m only going to share the Lulu link for the book, but yes, it will be available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon within the next few days if you absolutely insist on buying it through them (no judgment if you have a gift card or something you want to use).

Here is where you can find and purchase the book:

At the moment it is only available as a print copy, and that’s because, as I mentioned, that’s been my dream since I was a kid. I understand that many people prefer eBooks and possibly even view physical copies as outdated or archaic, but just for my own personal preference, I’m making it a print exclusive for the first few months. I will eventually relent and release a digital copy that you’ll be able to download to your Kindle or tablet or whatever you use, so if you’re totally opposed to physical copies for some reason, just wait two or three months and consider this current release an advance copy.

Thank you so much if you’re interested in reading this book, as I know it’s very different from the stuff I post here on this blog. And if you’re not interested, thanks for reading this post anyway, and you can look forward to a few Halloween treats coming very soon right here on this site!



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