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A Halloween Treat: You Can Now Read This Blog in Book Form!

I have taken the step of publishing just about every article ever written for this blog in the form of a brand new book that is now available to anyone who wishes to read my various musings on movies in a more convenient form than scrolling through the entire website. You can get it either as an eBook or a physical paperback copy.

Now, I do want to be clear that I realize most people — even those of you who are gracious enough to follow this blog regularly — will not view it as worth it to buy a book of material that is available to read for free online. And that’s fine. While there is a chapter that is exclusive to the book and not available on the website, I’m not going to pretend to be offering you a whole slew of new material. Most of what you will find in this book is what has been posted on this blog over the past three and a half years. I’m being very direct about this because I definitely don’t want to mislead anyone who might later feel cheated by the lack of new material included in the book.

Mostly this book was published for my own resources, as I am one of those pesky people who likes have physical copies of things (just come over to my apartment sometime and see my extensive collections of movies, books, and records). And I’m also someone who finds it difficult to read at length on a screen, so physical copies of books are still exclusively how I read anything that will take me more than a few minutes to get through. I’m sure there are others out there who feel that way too, so maybe this publication will appeal to you in that respect.

But also — and I’m not necessarily ashamed to admit this, as it’s really the first time I’ve ever done this — this can be seen as a way to accept donations for this blog. I am committed to keeping this site ad free and non-commercial, so the revenue I receive from it is, well, extremely limited. Not that that’s really a problem for me, because this is very much a passion project and not something that I have any delusions about being a paid career. But as I hope my longtime readers have noticed, I do put a lot of work into these articles, essays, memoirs, think pieces, etc. I have considered going the Patreon route like I’ve seen a lot of other people do, but I truthfully don’t know what to offer as rewards, and on top of that, I doubt my ability to keep up with any sort of deadline or demand for such rewards.

So if you’d like, buying this book can be viewed simply as a one-time donation to this blog that will give you a copy of the book in return, which as I already mentioned includes almost every major article published here as well as an additional chapter exclusive to the book.

I want to be perfectly clear that I will never remove any of the material compiled in the book from the website, so it will always be available to read for free online if that’s your preferred method of reading. Purchasing the book is only for those of you who either prefer reading physical books or eBooks rather than on a website, or who simply want to offer a generous donation to this blog.

So you can find the eBook here and the paperback here.

Thank you for your support in advance if you do decide to get a copy, and even if you don’t, I still thank you for your continued support if you follow this blog here on this website, which is honestly the most important thing to me.

Happy Halloween!



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