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My Books

In addition to writing about movies for this blog, I also write fiction. You can purchase a collection of a novella plus ten short stories that I wrote here.

I’ve also published a book of artwork (digital art and photography manipulation, to be more precise) that can be found here if you’re interested.

Also, if you enjoy the posts I’ve done on this blog but would prefer to read them either as an eBook or as a physical paperback book, that is also possible! You can get the eBook copy here or the paperback here. I understand that paying for material you can view on this blog for free is a bit of a favor, so please know that I will never remove the stuff from this blog. It will always be available to read for free right here on this website. Purchasing the eBook or paperback is simply for those of you who either a) prefer to read physical books or on your eBook reader, or b) would like to make a small donation to this website and receive a copy of the book as a token of gratitude. It should be noted that there is indeed a bonus chapter in the book that cannot be found on this website, so there is at least some material exclusive to the book that cannot be found for free on the blog.

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